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Life’s Journey in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

What Does Our Sector Do For California?

Working with The California Community Colleges system, together we invest funding and resources in industry sectors that are key to California’s economic growth. Entrepreneurs and business operators are critical to California’s economic development as contributors to innovation and new job growth. The Business & Entrepreneurship Sector collaborates with industry and education to improve and expand business and entrepreneurial curriculum. The end result is a job-ready workforce and entrepreneurial leaders to ensure California’s economic growth and global competitiveness.

Along with our partner Kolena Corporation, together we offer California Community College students access to our monthly speaker program and 130 Soft Skill Courses that provides entrepreneurs, students, and developing leaders a career advantage with access to courses focused on workforce readiness!


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E8 – Think Like An Entrepreneur!

We invite you to join us in our fifth virtual event of the series as Dr. Deborah V. Brazeal, PhD, CEO of Radical Strategies explores how the entrepreneurial mindset is a key to having an advantage in the workplace. Learn ways to energize your thinking process for career and personal growth.

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Past Podcasts

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'Tracy Tanner'  OC California Community College

Episode 4 –
Think Bold Be Bold!

Think BOLD! Be BOLD!, as Tracy Tanner, MBA, CEO of Kolena Corporation, shares her journey in the technology industry. She has led organizations in the Tech industry from many facets of the supply chain including retail, software publisher, software licensing, and distribution. Now as an entrepreneur, her vision is to make a positive impact in entrepreneurial education and employability skills development.

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'Blas Villalobos'  OC California Community College

Episode 3 – Becoming an Expert in Your Field: The Power of Passion, Consistency, and Sacrifice

Dr. Blas Villalobos currently serves as Director of Veterans Affairs at Chapman University, where he addresses the unique needs of student veterans, military personnel and military families. Prior to his current position, Dr. Villalobos served as Veterans Affairs Manager for Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office of Veterans Affairs, as well as Executive Director of Community Programs and Veteran Services for U.S.VETS. Dr. Villalobos is a Marine Corps veteran.

Join us below for our third virtual event of the series entitled, Becoming an Expert in Your Field: The Power of Passion, Consistency, and Sacrifice, as Dr. Blas Villalobos, DSW, shares his experiences as a Veteran Marine and his role in supporting Veterans through his dedicated advocacy.

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nbspOC California Community College
'Greg Johnson'  OC California Community College

Episode 2 – The Best You: Setting Your Career For Success.

As a Career and Executive Coach, Greg Johnson’s passion is to use his business experience to help others. He is known for his positive and dynamic approach to the career transition and career management — enabling his clients to create a paradigm shift in how they manage their career.

During this podcast, Greg guides you through personal branding and LinkedIn tips and tricks in his talk entitled, The Best You: Setting Your Career For Success. Learn Key Components of Personal Branding, and How to Strategically Leverage LinkedIn to Manage Your Career Security!

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Communicate your new skills with a validated Certificate from the California Community College System and Kolena Corporation.  Share your careers credentials on Linkedin with potential employers, hiring managers, and investors.

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Tracy Tanner

Networking In Orange County

Compilation of Multiple Sources (including Mark Kasperowicz & Cynthia Abbott) by MJ Shores as of May 2017  NETWORKING GROUPS FOR INDIVIDUALS IN TRANSTION (BY REFERRAL

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Our Mission

nbspOC California Community College
nbspOC California Community College

The Orange County California Community Colleges Business and Entrepreneurship Sector is dedicated to those interested in upskilling, reskilling, or refreshing their employability.

This community-based learning program is designed to address what has happened in 2020 and its long-term effects due to the devastating, widespread pandemic and–in moving forward–in elevating our awareness of and actions on equity, diversity, and inclusion, particularly in the context of the Call to Action by Chancellor Eloy Oakley, California Community College Office of the Chancellor (CCCCO). Besides, it’s just the right thing to do.

Preparing our community college students for the future of work is foundational for their success, for the business community at large, and to respond to an employment ecosystem that will not return to the old normal. Being creative, innovative, and emphasizing and providing the reality to gain these skills, is at the core of what we refer to as the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Quotient (EDIQ) process and student skills enhancement. The defining connection is between Employability and Entrepreneurship.

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