Episode 3 – Becoming an Expert in Your Field: The Power of Passion, Consistency, and Sacrifice

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Becoming an Expert in Your Field: The Power of Passion, Consistency, and Sacrifice, as Dr. Blas Villalobos, DSW, shares his experiences as a Veteran Marine and his role in supporting Veterans through his dedicated advocacy.

Learn what it takes to succeed and how we all share common roadblocks and obstacles in our individual efforts to reach success. Join in on this inspirational discussion and leave with new hope and readiness to address the future of work.
Some of the Takeaways:

    1. It is ok to not know what career field you want to follow, but it is important to narrow it down as early as possible.
    2. Becoming an “expert” in your field of work is a lifelong process. We are always learning.
    3. We often have to make sacrifices in order to pursue the career path we are most passionate about.
    4. We have to understand the process takes time, and we have to be patient and eager to learn.
    5. Network, network, network. Identify a mentor, and other people in your field of interest, and start asking questions.
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