Episode 4 –
Think Bold Be Bold!

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Think BOLD! Be BOLD!, as Tracy Tanner, MBA, CEO of Kolena Corporation, shares her journey in the technology industry. She has led organizations in the Tech industry from many facets of the supply chain including retail, software publisher, software licensing, and distribution. Now as an entrepreneur, her vision is to make a positive impact in entrepreneurial education and employability skills development.

Learn how the importance of personal attributes, also referred to as employability skills, makes an impact in our every day lives. In today’s market, employers have found a renewed interest in how these skills are a critical reason for their employees’ success.

About Tracy

Growing up in a family-owned business made me aware of the critical nature of making a sound decision, the true meaning of wearing all hats, and the importance of being part of a team environment.

I carried these skills throughout my career learning many key lessons along the way.

Some of those key lessons were:

1) The Customer Is Always Right
2) Communication Is Key
3) It’s Okay Not To Know the Answer…Research, Learn, Communicate
4) Look Everywhere For Process Improvements
5) Be A Leader In What Ever Position You May Be In
6) Involve Everyone For Department Development
7) Give Informal Feedback Routinely

After having a fulfilling career in the technology industry, I’m embarking on a new venture with technology and education professionals to change the education industry. We are advocates of STEAM which not only considers the Arts as a viable discipline but advocates for creativity to be infused into the canvas of our lives. We promote inclusivity for the lifelong learner with key transition points in one’s life as a focus of attention to learning.

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